“The acquisition of a modern, powerful drilling rig is an another step toward the implementation of the Holding strategy aimed at increasing the operational efficiency and competitiveness of our production clusters,” emphasized Alexander Afanasenkov, the First Deputy Director General — Head of RosGeo Production Unit. “The consistent upgrading of the drilling equipment fleet will allow us not only to fulfill the government contracts for parametric drilling qualitatively and timely, but also to compete successfully in the commercial geological exploration drilling market.”

The drilling rig was purchased from Ekaterinburg Ural-Siberian Industrial Company (USPK) under leasing terms and conditions with participation of JSC ZEST leasing company.

“The BU USPKC 6000/400 ERA drilling rig of Taimyr-P1 series was elaborated and designed for deep exploration drilling of oil and gas wells of various complexity in the severe climatic conditions of the far North, Western and Eastern Siberia thanks to the many years of experience in the design development and production of complete drilling rigs using the advanced solutions,” — noted Alexander Balashov, General Director of JSC “USPK” .

In the first six months of 2021, a new driling rig will be delivered and installed at the site of “Kanandinskaya 278” parametric well in the eastern part of the Evenki district of Krasnoyarsk region.

Earlier, in June 2020, RosGeo won the tender for the first stage of drilling of “Kanandinskaya 278” parametric well and signed a public contract with FGBU VNIGNI.

The contract envisages that in 2021-2022 “Kanandinskaya 278” well will be drilled to a depth of 3700 m to the Devonian horizon, and establishment of the conditions for its deepening to 5400 m. This work is carried out by specialists of JSC NPC Nedra, -a subsidiary of RosGeo.

In the framework of the second stage of the work the well should reach the Thatera Venda suite, which will allow the geologists to investigate the characteristics of Ordovik-Cambrian and Vendan potentially productive horizons, including the geological and geophysical parameters of the Cambrian rhyme arrays, allocated from seismic surveys data, and find out the prerequisites for their oil and gas potential.


Background: The current drilling equipment fleet of RPA Nedra currently includes 5 rigs and 3 lifts for well testing. The average age of equipment is about 6-8 years.

RosGeo is a Russian multi-disciplinary geological holding that carries out a full range of services related to geological exploration: from regional surveys to parametric drilling and monitoring of subsoil conditions. The holding company boasts a unique expertise, particularly in marine geology and shelf operations. A total of more than 1000 fields and deposits have been discovered by the holding’s companies, including major hydrocarbon and solid mineral deposits and fields. RosGeo is a fully state-owned company.

JSC ZEST is a universal leasing company that provides the financial leasing services for all types of property: motor vehicles, special equipment, equipment, rail and air transport. The company is a 100% subsidiary of JSC AB Rossiya. Having been represented on the market for almost 25 years, the company has accumulated a lot of experience, and the company portfolio includes contracts with companies of various industries throughout Russia.

JSC Ural-Siberian Industrial Company is a dynamically developing enterprise, since 2005 it produces the full-complete drilling rigs intended for bush-type and stationary drilling. The company renders a complete production cycle from the development of design documentation for the customer technical specifications to the pre-commissioning and commissioning of the rig, including acquisition of all necessary approval documentation. The in-house design office allows you to respond in a timely manner to innovations in the oil and gas industry and create products that meet the most modern requirements.