LUKOIL Perm has discovered a new oil deposit named after Yuri Gavrin, the well-known geologist and Managing Director of Permneftegeophysica Trust, in the Kuyeda District in the south of the Perm Territory after the 3D seismic surveys and as recommended by the Perm geologists.

Earlier, Permneftegeophysica PJSC (a subsidiary of Rosgeo) has performed the whole scope of basic geophysical explorations on the Solodov license site, including preparation of the design and estimate documentation, 3D CPDM field seismic surveys, processing and interpretation of seismic data, preparation of reports and certificates related to the revealed prospective structures. The forecast recoverable oil reserves of the Solodov, Eastern-Solodov, and Badashkin structures of Category D0 were estimated at 1.8 mln tons. A place of four prospecting wells was also suggested.

The seismic exploration was complicated by the facts that there are 7 settlements available in a small area (about 41 km2), including the district center Kuyeda; the hilly steppe plain is indented with a network of river valleys, streams and gullies; and there are irrigated areas with water intake wells, and 30% of the territory is forested. The seismic exploration was performed using the sustainable green technologies and in adherence with all the environment protection requirements.

According to LUKOIL-Perm, the prospecting wells bored as recommended by geophysicists provided the commercial oil inflow with an average production rate of 16 t/day. The new deposit oil reserves of Category C1 approved by the State Reserves Committee were more than 3.5 mln tons, which was 10 times more than initial oil-bearing expectations for the perspective subsoil area.


Yury Gavrin (1926 – 2008) – Managing Director of Permneftegeophysica from 1966 till 1984. Under his direction a sound seismic exploration methodology was developed and implemented. This methodology made it possible to map low-relief structures (oil and gas traps) and to prepare more than 250 uplifts for exploratory boring, where 56 oil and gas deposits were discovered. Yu. Gavrin was Ph.D in Geology and Mineralogy, author of 38 scientific publications and innovative suggestions, including forecasting methodologies of carbonate basins according to seismic exploration and geophysical well logging data, as well as justification for the use of longitudinal and transverse common-depth-point (CDP) method (prototype of 3D technology). He was also the participant of the Great Patriotic War, Honoured Employee of the RF Ministry of Fuel and Energy, awarded an Order of the Red Banner of Labour, Order of the Patriotic War, 2nd Class, and Honour Badge.