According to the geological exploration program of LUKOIL-KMN, specialists of KFG conducted the 3D CDPM rich-azimuth seismic survey on the area of 204.5 km2, this kind of survey is considered to be the most effective method for detailing the oil-promising structures found by 2D seismic surveys prior to start the drilling of exploration wells.

All objectives specified by the customer have been achieved in full and with good quality: we have implemented a uniform recording of data and provided the multiplicity of observations indicated in the technical specifications by obtaining the most informative high-resolution seismic data for subsequent elaboration of a geological model of the oil-promising sites, - said Eugeniy Udovenko, Managing Director of Kalinigradgeofizika. - Covering the entire licensed site territory with 3D survey network enables to detect the missing deposits and diggings, which is especially important in the current conditions of exhaustion of long operated fields in areas with developed oil infrastructure in Kaliningrad region."

The works were carried out in the area with challenging terrain, well-developed economic activities, numerous restricted-access areas, anthropogenic interference, impenetrable forests and wetlands, so we had to apply a mixed technique of seismic signal production, i.e. both blast and vibration.

In open areas the seismic signal broadband excitation was provided by application of a group that consisted of three vibrators weighing 30 tons each, in the areas impassable for wheeled vehicles we used explosions in shallow wells. The seismic signals were recorded by the telemetry system Sercel 428XL.

Previously, KGF completed for LUKOIL-KMN the 2D CDPM seismic surveys in the Southern licensed site, found a number of oil-promising structures, and prepared the appropriate passports for each structure.


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