Rosgeo and TUS-Holding (the People's Republic of China) have made an Agreement of intents today. Sergey Gorkov, Rosgeo's Chairman of the Board, and Wan Jiu, Tus-Holdings's Chairman of the Board, signed the document.

"We are pleased to have signed the Agreement with Tus-Holdings – a global innovative service provider," — Sergey Gorkov, the Director General of Rosgeo. "I am confident that through our joint efforts we will make substantial progress in the field of digitalization and industrialization of geological explorations in Russia and abroad".
"Russia is the only country in the world, which possesses all known mineral resources, geological science and technologies with a long history," — emphasized Wan Jiu, Tus-Holdings's Chairman of the Board. "We are very glad to have the opportunity to cooperate with such an outstanding Russian exploration enterprise as Rosgeo. Through this innovative cooperation we could jointly meet the challenges and achieve the assumed objectives."

Under the Agreement, the Parties will consider the possibility of strategic partnership, including through the establishment of a joint venture to implement the digital laboratory projects for processing exploration data, and to create a venture exploration fund.


Rosgeo is a Russian multi-industry geological holding company, which offers a full range of geological exploration services: from regional surveys to stratigraphic drilling and subsoil monitoring. The holding company boasts a unique expertise, particularly in marine geology and shelf operations. A total of more than 1,000 fields and deposits have been discovered by the holding’s companies, including major hydrocarbon and solid mineral deposits and fields. Rosgeo is a fully state-owned company.

Tus-Holding was founded in 2000 based on the Tsinghua University Development Center (TusPark) created in 1994. Tus-Holdings is a multi-disciplinary company based on the Tsinghua University, involved in the development, operation and management of TusPark science parks. Tus-Holdings owns shares in more than 800 listed and non-listed companies. The total assets managed by Tus-Holdings are more than RMB 200 billion. The Tus-Holdings flagship, Tus-Park is the largest University science park in the world. TusPark is very popular in China and in the global science park industry. It is an assembly point of headquarters of multinational research and development corporations, Chinese technology companies, and high-tech startups.