During three field seasons in 2018-2020 the geologists from St-Petersburg conducted the geological survey on the area of 6486 km2following the sheets Q-37-VII, VIII within the framework of elaboration of the Russian State Geological Map in the scale 1: 200 000 (State Geological Map-200). Currently, the area of North Sergozero site is one of the last "white spots" on the Kola Peninsula: this territory is not covered by the modern geological map of the second generation approved by the Scientific Editorial Board for Geological Mapping of the Territory of the Russian Federation of Rosnedra.

"During the last three field seasons our geologists managed to achieve all objectives. They conducted the geochemical survey to identify the anomalies of precious metals and associated elements, completed a large scope of drilling to test the nature of the localized anomalies and opening the promising ore zones, - said Konstantin Firsov, the Head of North-West PGA. - Based on a preliminary assessment we obtained good results, which are now undergoing the final customer examination."

The specialists of North-West PGA completed over 500 km of geological survey routes, drilled 420 running meters of wells, collected more than 385 m of the core samples delivered to the core storage facility in Apatity for further studies.

The works have resulted in elaboration of a set of modern geological base in the scale 1: 200 000 (developer revision of the State Geological Map-200) with digital models, including the maps of the pre-Quaternary and Quaternary formations, minerals and distribution patterns. The experts have localized the promising sites, elaborated the recommendations for development of the areas promising in terms of precious metals and other minerals along with accounting passports of the perspective sites.


North Sergozero site is located in the Arctic zone in the central part of the Kola Peninsula. The nearest town is located in 150 km, the industrial centers of Kirovsk and Apatity - in 300-350 km. There are two wildlife sanctuaries and natural-historical monument "Neolithic On-Rock Paintings” within the territory of the site.

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