In January, following the instruction of the Minister for Construction and Housing, the experts of North Caucasus PGA (a subsidiary of RosGeo) explored the opportunities for conduct of geological and hydrogeological studies to identify the additional and optimize the operating sources of drinking water supply in Sochi.

According to the results of the work it was suggested to arrange four processing zones for drinking water supply in Sochi: Central, Adler, Lazarevo and Krasnaya Polyana. There is a shortage of drinking quality water supply in the first three zones, especially during the peak-load periods, and in some settlements, distant from the water supply lines, drinking water sources are completely unavailable.

"Insofar, we have studied all sites and prepared to make an integrated offer that includes a reassessment of the water resources, assessment of opportunities for production increase from the existing water intakes, optimization of the wells operation, as well as search for new sites of water production, said Sergey Gorkov, Director General - Chairman of the Board of RosGeo. - The anticipated activities enable to increase the volume of water supplied to the public by 95 thousand m3 per day and more, optimize the possible costs for construction of water lines, as well as provide centralized water supply to the settlements, where no potable water sources are available. The geologists are ready to complete all works within two years."

"Today, approximately 650 thousand people reside in Sochi. In addition, every year the resort is visited by more than 6 million tourists, who produce an additional burden to the existing water supply and sewerage networks, "- said Alex Kopaygorodskiy, Head of Sochi .

Alexander Trembitskiy, Vice-Governor of Kuban, thanked the geologists for promptness of their works in the region and completed expert findings for resolution of the water supply issue so critical for the resort city.

Following the meeting, Irek Faizullin, Minister for Construction and Housing Utilities, instructed the Vice-Governor and Mayor of Sochi to jointly study and determine the priority in construction of new water supply facilities.


The professionals of RosGeo offer to improve the operation mode and reassess the reserves of fresh water stocks in Navagino site of Sochi field, which has been operated for over 50 years with an upgrade of the wells. It is also necessary to perform the geologic surveys in Plastun site of Sochi field, Galitsino site of Mzymtin field, 2-nd stage of Golovino field, and promising sites of Shakhtino field, Mzymtinskogo field, Golovino second stage and promising sites of Shahino field, Tatyanovo-Alexeevo, Kirov sites and in the valley of the river Psezuapse.

It is necessary to perform a reassessment of fresh water stocks with upgrading of the wells in Adler site of Nizhniy Mzymtin field. And it is necessary to perform the prospecting and estimation surveys in the valley of the river Ash to provide the drinking water supply for Khadjiko village.

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