According to geologists, the water-supply problems of the city in the summer season are geological in the nature. Divnomorye water-intake facility, one of the main water supply sources for Gelendzhik, is fed by water from 35 underground wells. However, the most of the wells dry up in the dry summer, because they are fed by so-called "short-term" water from the underflow river reservoir, which is dependent on precipitation and melting glaciers of the Caucasus. To ensure the sustainable water supply of the city, independent on the season and weather conditions, it is necessary to find the deep-seated water in the cracks of rock fault zones.

"Currently, we perform the first desk-top works, including the analysis of the stock of archival documents have been accumulated for the last 70 years, geological, tectonic, geomorphological maps, satellite remote sensing data, - said Boris Senin, Chief Geologist of Yuzhmorgeologiya. - The analytical studies can take 2-4 months, insofar, it is clear the location of several zones with maximum concentration of fault disturbances, where we expect to find significant reserves of water in fractured reservoirs.”

After identification of the promising areas the experts of RosGeo perform geophysical field studies to be resulted in specification of the sites for drilling of exploration wells.

"If the exploratory wells confirm the water availability in the course of the experimental pumping, we will estimate the output, i.e. the volume of water that can be produced daily, and carry out the studies of the chemical composition in order to assess whether the water is of drinkable or technical purpose, or it is some kind of mineral water with healing properties, - explained Yegor Krasinskiy, Managing Director of Yuzhmorgeologiya. - The results of the geological explorations will enable us next year to perform the drilling of production wells necessary piping for connection to the overall water intake and supply system in Gelendzhik.”


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