Rosgeo and Siberian Federal University (SFU) have made an agreement of cooperation. Sergey Gorkov, Director General, Chairman of the Board of Rosgeo and Maksim Rumyantsev, Acting Rector of Siberian Federal University have signed the document today.

Under the Agreement, the main cooperation priority is to develop human resources in the geological field of Russia, including training and retraining of skilled staff, and their engagement in the Rosgeo subsidiaries.

"Today, the ageing workforce issue remains critical, and the involvement of young people is our one of the key challenges," — Sergey Gorkov. "We actively cooperate with dozens of industry-specific colleges throughout the country. The Agreement with Siberian Federal University is of particular importance, because Eastern Siberia and Far East have an enormous potential for new discoveries. Ant now the new generation of geologists armed with the best available technologies will implement this potential."

The parties have agreed to develop an action plan for cooperation between Siberian Federal University and Siberian PGO and Far East PGO (Production Geological Associations) in three major areas: working with students, primarily those involved in SFU of the Institute of Mining, Geology and Geotechnologies; industrial training standards for field staff of Rosgeo companies' geological parties; occupational guidance for schoolchildren by geological professions.

It is particularly planned to arrange paid practice for students during the field season, to recruit SFU students to Rosgeo companies, to involve Company's employees as examiners in the State Examination Commissions and as teachers in the University educational procedure. The Parties also intend to cooperate in initiating and conducting activities for schoolchildren.

Besides, Rosgeo and SFU will explore the possibility of joint comprehensive research and development in the promising areas of geological survey, as well as training of University professors in the Holding subsidiaries.