Chitageologorazvedka, a branch of Siberian Geological Production Association (Krasnoyarsk, a subsidiary of the state-owned holding RosGeo) completed the surveys at Kazakovo-Balakhnino site in Baley ore-placer area scheduled for the first six months of 2019. The field is located in Trans-Baikal territory.

Here the company is prospecting for gold in the weathering crusts. The geologists started their surveys in 2018, when the appropriate public contract was signed between RosGeo and Rosnedra Department of Mineral Resources in the Central Siberian District.

According to the terms of reference in 2019, the company is to perform 20 linear km of geological routes, 10,000 m3 of trenches, fulfill the areal geophysical surveys (subsurface symmetrical induced polarization electrical profiling, magnetic surveys) of 1: 10,000 scale - 11.7 km 2 , profile surveys by induced polarization vertical electric sounding method - 12 linear km. In addition, 1500 running meters of wells will be drilled.

Based on the results of the works already carried out on the Balakhnino site the geologists opened and traced to 240 m the mineralized gold-containing zone of up to 60 m thickness, under zone the weathering crust is for a depth of up to 40 m, four ore clusters are localized within the zone, the cluster meets the estimated parameters, its length varies from 100 to 200 m, the average thickness is 2-4 m and content of gold is 1,2 to 1,4 g/t.


RosGeo is a Russian multi-disciplinary geological holding that carries out a full range of services related to geological exploration: from regional surveys to parametric drilling and monitoring of subsoil conditions. The holding company boasts a unique expertise, particularly in marine geology and shelf operations.

RosGeo was established following the Decree of the President of the Russian Federation of July 15, 2011, No. 957 on the basis of Tsentrgeologiya, an oldest Russian geological enterprise. Rosgeo is a fully state-owned company.

The enterprises within the Holding company operate in all eight Federal Districts of Russia. A total of more than 1000 fields and deposits have been discovered by the holding’s companies, including major hydrocarbon and solid mineral deposits and fields.Chitageologorazvedka specializes in the survey, assessment and exploration works with application of the entire range of drilling, mining and exploration, geophysical, geochemical and analytical surveys. Specialists of the company made the assessments of large and unique deposits of uranium (Argun), polymetallic ores (Noyon-Tologoy), magnesite (Largino) and fluorite (Gozogorsk). They discovered and explored more than 20 placer gold deposits. The company also conducted the survey and exploration works in China and Mongolia.