Rosgeo and Ministry of Mining of the Republic of South Sudan have made a Memorandum of Understanding today within the Russia-Africa Economic Forum.

Sergey Gorkov, Director General, Chairman of the Board of Rosgeo, and Gabriel Thokui Deng, Minster of Mining of South Sudan signed the document.

The Memorandum has defined key priorities of cooperation between the Parties, among which is to create the mineral resource management system, to improve the cadastral services and information center of the Authority and Ministry of Mining of the Republic of South Sudan, to explore, evaluate and develop deposits of ferrous, non-ferrous and rare metals, rare earth elements, and other high marketable minerals.

"South Sudan has an enormous potential for developing solid mineral deposits, which is an important objective as part of the economic and industrial diversification of the Country," — Sergey Gorkov, Director General of Rosgeo. "With unique competences and vast experience in the African continent, Rosgeo is committed to make a meaningful contribution to the development of the Republic's mineral and raw material base."

In the context of long-term cooperation, Rosgeo will also develop a program of prediction mineragenic analysis of the South Sudan territory for discovering new ore-bearing areas and regions, and first of all, scarce and requested types of crude minerals, perform the cartographic and geodetic surveys, and provide training of the South Sudan specialists.