Murmansk, Russia, August 22, 2019 - Sevmorneftegeofizika (SMNG, a subsidiary of RosGeo) under a contract with Spectrum company has fulfilled 3D seismic surveys at the site in the North Sea on the UK shelf in the scope of 1330 square km. The surveys were conducted by the research vessel (RV) "Akademik Primakov" in June-July of 2019. The representative of the customer noted the high professionalism and efficiency of the crew, as well as the compliance of the works with quality standards and requirements in the field of safety and environmental protection, applied in the UK.

RV "Akademik Primakov", which has been operating within the fleet of SMNG since 2017 is capable to tow up to 14 streamers, specified with a high autonomy, able to operate in the remote waters. The vessel is equipped with a modern computing system for express processing of primary geophysical data with navigation and geophysical tool Q-Marine. In the field seasons of 2017-2018 of the research vessel "Academik Primakov" performed the offshore operations in Morocco and in the Kara Sea, which results confirmed the high vessel performance capability and quality of the geophysical data obtained.


Sevmorneftegeophysica is the largest marine geophysical company in Russia. The compacy traces back to 1979, using advanced technologies and state-of-the-art equipment Sevmorneftegeophysica provides a wide range of services around the world including 2D/3D marine seismic survey, digital processing of seismic data, integrated interpretation of geological and geophysical data.