Khabarovsk, February 25, 2020. The business priorities of Far East PGO JSC (the Far East Production Geological Association, a subsidiary of Rosgeo) for the field season of 2020 are to explore for copper and gold mineralization under the public contracts made with the Subsoil Use Department for the Far Eastern Federal District. The explorations will be performed in six promising areas within the Amur region, Khabarovsk and Primorsk Territories; three of these sites are currently at the final stage of exploration.

The extensive mining activities are scheduled for the new field season within the Khodzhar promising area in the Khabarovsk Territory, which has been under exploration since 2018. The machine trenching is already in progress and preparations for drilling have started. The Khodzhar area (179 km2) adjoins the Pony area earlier surveyed by the Far East PGO geologists, where the ore occurrences have been exposed and studied, and several promising gold and ore geochemical anomalies have been already delineated. The exploration of the Khodzhar area offers a real prospect for increasing the copper-ore potential within the Pony-Mulinsky ore-alluvial site.

The mining is underway within the Malakhitovy ore field (38 km2) in the Pozharsky District of the Primorsk Territory. The explorations being proceeded since 2018 discovered the porphyry copper-gold mineralization located in the Khiminsky gold tin-tungsten ore cluster. Now the geologists are to delineate the ore-bearing structures with the stringer-porphyry sulfide mineralization, identify promising sites, and assess the perspective copper resources by Categories P1 and P2. The exploration of the Malakhitovy field is expected to continue until the end of 2020.

It is planned to finalize the activities within the Solovievsky site (270 km2) in the Tyndinsky district of the Amur region. The site is a part of the Solovievsky ore cluster, which includes the suspended Dzhalindinsky gold ore field and earlier exposed Ivanovsky and Aleksandrovsky gold prospective areas. Having the initial data in mind the Far East PGO experts expect to reveal gold-bearing deposits of the low-sulfide silica-gold quartz vein type, as well as linear stockwork zones with bulk ore grade mineralization.

In addition to the in-progress sites, the Far East PGO geologists are planning to start operations at three new areas. In particular, the ore gold explorations will be started within the Vorobiev's Pad (14 km2) in the Pogranichny District of the Primorsk Territory. The geologists shall identify a type of ore-bearing structures and a model of industrial-type deposit, as well as to assess the perspective gold resources of categories P1 and P2. The Far East PGO experts are planning to start prospecting for gold in the Central-Anadzhakansk area and tungsten in the Zvonky area.

Far East PGO JSC was formed by merging the oldest four exploration companies of the Far East Federal District: Primorgeology JSC (Vladivostok), Dalgeophysica JSC (Khabarovsk), Amurgeology JSC (Blagoveshchensk), SakhGRE JSC (Yuzhno-Sakhalinsk).


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