North Caucasus PGO JSC (a subsidiary of Rosgeo) selected a new potentially quartz-gold-sulphide and gold-quartz mineralization – Baikom area in the highland of the Zakkadon river valley in the Alagirsky District in the Republic of North Ossetia-Alania.

Preliminary evaluated prospective gold resources within the Baikom area, which covers the territory of 18 km2 is 213 tons of Category P3 with an average gold grade of 1.78 g/t and average ore interval of 7.7 km.

In future, Rosgeo intends to reveal gold ore mineralization sites as ore zones and ore bodies within the Baikom area and to evaluate its gold resource potential, which, according to the preliminary estimation, will be 15 tons of Category P1 and 60 tons of Category P2.

The North Caucasus PGO geologists have made a conclusion on the Baikom area potential based on the deep analysis and interpretation of data obtained during the regional and specialized geophysical and geochemical surveys, as well as considering the fund and published sources.

The data comparative analysis of field operations conducted by North Caucasus PGO in 2017-2019 within the project of gold-resource potential estimate in the Kakadursky ore zone of the Afsandur-Lamardonsky field in North Ossetia, has played an important role in the assessment of Baikom prospects.

"The identification of new gold ore sites is of serious concern today in the North Caucasus, which is one of the most interesting regions of Russia from a geological standpoint over several decades," — emphasized Oleg Tuayev, Chief Geologist of North Caucasus PGO. "The recent achievements of our geologists may give further impetus to the development of the unique region."


North Caucasus PGO begins its history from the Koltsov expedition formed in 1947 in Essentuki to perform the scope of geological and geophysical works on searching and prospecting for uranium ores in the North Caucasus. North Caucasus PGO amalgamated Koltsovgeologiya, Yuzhgeologiya, Kavkazgeolsyomka, and Sevosgeologorazvedka. The Company is engaged in the geological exploration for solid minerals and water, as well as radioecological works and production of equipment used for geological exploration.