Permneftegeophysica PJSC (PNG, a subsidiary of Rosgeo) completed seismic exploration in the West Bykovskaya area in the Udmurt Republic, under the contract with LUKOIL-PERM LLC.

The 3D CDPM seismic explorations were performed in the area of 419,7 during the summer field season. The geological structure of the coal and Devonian formations was investigated for assessing and preparing the potentially oil-bearing sites for prospecting and exploratory drilling, within the West Bykovskaya area in Yusvinsky, Seltinsky, and Yakshur-Bodyinsky regions of Udmurtia.

In early 2019, Perm geophysicists conducted 3D seismic explorations covering 233,1 sq. km within the adjacent Bykovskaya area, for LUKOIL-PERM.

In the geological sense, the explored Bykovskaya and West Bykovskaya areas relate to the Borodulinsko-Fokinsky oil and gas fields of the Verkhnekamsk oil and gas region, and Nizhnekamsk and Verkhne-Kukmorsko-Nemsky oil and gas fields of the Tatar oil and gas region. The commercial oil content was identified in the Vereysk deposits of the Vereysk terrigenous-carbonate oil and gas complex. The commercial oil reserves are located in the Bykovskoye deposit.


Permneftegeophisica PJSC is a fast-growth geophysical company actively operating in the market of seismic exploration and oilfield geophysics. Using sophisticated technologies, the company provides a wide range of services in the field of downhole geophysical surveys, geological and engineering operations for borehole drilling, as well as perforating operations. Concerning the exploratory geophysics, the company performs field seismic explorations, designs field observation systems, processes and interprets geophysical data.