MultiAlt, multi-alternative classification and forecasting technology

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MultAlt technology is a proprietary development of RosGeo that addresses the resolution of production and research issues associated with forecasting and zoning of multiple-alternative geological and geophysical objects of different types and rank based on analogy method.


Advantages of MultAlt
  • it is specified with a unique capability to control the reliability and information basis of the solutions with detection of the most rational set of characteristics before carrying out the automated integrated interpretation;
  • at various stages of the work the technology envisages taking into account the heuristic opinions of the experts-geologists;
  • It takes into account the geological ambiguity of the simulated environment;
  • technology includes a methodology for elaboration of FGM with different levels of complexity in terms of varying degrees of knowledge of the geological environment, including for the objects associated with the commercially significal types of mineral raw materials
Technology MultAlt uses the best statistical criteria and decision-making algorithms with respect to a set of quantitative and qualitative characteristics (geophysical, geochemical, geological, and others.)


Long-term testing of MultAlt technology in forecasting and geophysical studies in mineralogical significant regions in Russia and abroad has proven its versatility and efficiency, backed up by geological assessment of the formalized integrated interpretation results.