Personnel policy

Employees are the key value of RosGeo and one of the main factors in the Holding successful development .

We strive to create an environment conducive to improving the efficiency of employees and their involvement in achievement of the corporate objectives.

The Holding is entitled to achieve the large-scale and complex strategic objectives to ensure the integrated geological exploration of the subsurface resources and reproduction of the mineral and raw material base of Russia, and the wide geography of our activities, the scale and complexity of the implemented projects provide the excellent opportunities for professional and career development. 


  • We value each employee, their knowledge, experience and time;

  • We strive to provide everyone with equal opportunities in development and improvement of the professional qualities and skills;

  • We create the opportunities for professional and personal growth of each employee;

  • We strive to establish the long-term employment relationships with each employee based on compliance with labor laws and social partnership principles.


RosGeo pays a priority attention to development of the personnel capabilities.

In this purpose the Holding implements an integrated personnel development program. Behavioral and professional competencies are assessed to identify the strengths and areas for improvement, to determine an employee potential. The competence assessment enables to plan the development based on career expectations and preferences, competently elaborate the employee training programs, systematically preparing them to resolution of more and more complex tasks.

The assessment is the basis for elaboration of annual personnel drafting plans that includes both technical training and development of soft-skills. The Holding has implemented and actively employs various training forms: intramural, e-learning, webinars, etc.

All new employees undergo an on-line course "Fundamentals of Geology, arrangement of commercial minerals prospecting and exploration in the Holding subsidiaries", developed by the experts of RosGeo.

The Company regularly conducts for the employees informative and educational lectures on art, development of intellectual capabilities, personal effectiveness enhancement, as well as educational lectures and open seminars for improvement of professional competencies: project management, business process modeling, production system tools, modern technologies in the field of exploration, etc.

A special place in the system of personnel development belongs to the educational lectures dedicated to various scientific and industrial areas of the Holding activities devoted to the topical issues of geological exploration.

Controllable reading is a priority for the development of the employees. There is an electronic library of the subject-matter essence available for the Company employees.

The Company develops the system of mentorship, which purpose is to assist the young professionals no only to adapt, but improve their professional competences, comprehend the subtleties of the profession, become experts in the business.

The accumulated scientific potential, expertise and unique competencies enable the Holding enterprises to hold the scientific and technical conferences on the regular basis. 2011 Central Geophysical Expedition conducts the Kudryavtsev readings. Yuzhmorgeologiya, Irkutsk geophysical division and other enterprises annually collect the Holding employees, representatives of the customers, educational institutions for scientific and technical conferences dedicated to the geological exploration issues.


The younger generation is the future of the geological exploration industry. It is important that schoolchildren as early as possible know that there is a fascinating science, the Geology, and wonderful profession - a Geologist.

To familiarize the schoolchildren with the Geology RosGeo arranges a variety of fascinating and educational actions - trips to RosGeo production sites, meeting with the geologists, geological Olympiads, clubs and meetings of young geologists.

Since 2017 jointly with Russian State Geological Prospecting University n.a. Sergo Ordzhonikidze (MGRI) RosGeo hosts an annual international meeting of young geologists - "GeoArtek".

Since 2017 "Geoartek" gathers in the Crimea the schoolchildren from various regions of Russia, who dream to link their lives with the Geology.

This is a unique educational project that gives the children an opportunity to test themselves as the discoverers, subsurface surveyors, geologists of the XXI century.

During the stay period the experienced mentors, experts from MGRI and RosGeo, teach the young geologists to basics of the Geology: the universal principles of the research approach, basic methods of geological field and laboratory studies, rules of safe operation during expeditions, responsible and respectful attitude to the nature. The company conducts the master classes on the most interesting areas of geology and related sciences, organizes the workshops for development of the skills to be useful in field conditions.


Every year over 500 students undergo the on-job and pre-diploma training at the enterprises of the Holding, where they can supplement their theoretical knowledge in the specialty with practical skills, learn more on their future profession.

During the training each student is provided with an experienced mentor, who helps to adapt in the work environment.

The students, who successfully proven themselves, have an opportunity to become a member of RosGeo team. For more details on internship in the Holding, please see the section Carrier.


An important component of work in development of a human resource is the collaboration with more than 40 specialized institutions of higher and secondary education.

Our partners are the leading universities of the country: St. Petersburg Mining University, Geological Faculty of Moscow State University named after M.V. Lomonosov , Moscow Institute of Physics and Technology (National Research University), Russian State Geological Exploration University named after Sergo Ordzhonikidze, Moscow State Institute of International Relations (University) of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Russian Federation, Russian State University of Oil and Gas named after I.M. Gubkin, Irkutsk State Technical University, and many others.

The collaboration includes the development of special courses and educational programs, targeted training of young professionals in educational institutions, conducting on-job training on the basis of the Holding companies, cooperation in the area of research and development, etc.