The new system comprises a seismic vibrator of SVS-30-M1+ modification produced by GEOSVIP, it is equipped with GDS-II control system developed by RPA Spetsgeofizika and wireless seismic data acquisition system GEOTOM elaborated by GEOSEIS.

The tests have demonstrated that the new crawler-based seismic vibrator produced by GEOSVIP of SVS-30-M1+ modification is capable to access the operating range starting from 3Hz, which enables to expand the range of the recorded seismic data towards the low frequencies and, accordingly, improves the information value of the derived materials.

During the tests the capabilities of the control system GDS-II allowed to check the new methods of the broadband vibration seismic exploration in different frequency ranges and different types of control signals. The combined application of the modified SVS-30-M1 seismic vibrator and BroadSweep technology embedded into GDS-II control system enabled to effectively expand the emitted and recorded frequency ranges.

In addition, the tests allowed to check in practice the functionality and prove the operability of the national wireless seismic data acquisition system GEOTOM integrated in the seismic system. The recording was carried out with a parallel control data logging by a cable telemetry system of foreign production. The analysis of the seismic information recorded by the wireless system GEOTOM did not reveal any synchronization failures and showed a complete identity with the signals recorded by the cable system.

“That was the first testing of a national vibration seismic system in Russia, — emphasized Alexander Afanasenkov, the First Deputy Director General of RosGeo, Doctor of Geological and Mineralogical Sciences. — The test results have demonstrated the operability of the components of the developed system both in combination and individually, including the capability to operate at low frequencies, which is becoming more and more demanded by the key customers. It confirmed the feasibility of further development and improvement of the system.”



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