Противодействие коррупции

Anti-corruption policy of RosGeo is a set of interrelated principles, procedures and specific measures aimed at the organization of the anti-corruption.

The- anti-corruption in RosGeo is based on the following principles:

  • Compliance of the anti-corruption measures tothe Constitutionof the Russian Federation, international treaties, laws and regulations of the Russian Federation and other normative legal documents applicable to the Holding activities;
  • Personal example of the leadership;
  • Employees’ engagement;
  • Proportionality of the anti-corruption procedures to the risk of corruption;
  • Effectiveness of the anti-corruption procedures;
  • Responsibility and inevitability of punishment;
  • Business transparency;
  • Continuous oversight and regular monitoring over implementation of anti-corruption standards and procedures, as well as audits of its performance.

Please contact the hot-line of RosGeo, If you become aware of:

  • Fraud, embezzlement/property assignment, bribery of the Holding employees;
  • Facts of violation by the Holding employees of the prescriptions of the current legislation and internal normative documents;
  • Situations, where an employee's personal interest affects or may affect the performance of his or her job duties;
  • Situations, where the employee's actions might damage the interests of the Holding and its employees