Onshore geophysics

Scopes of main geophysical surveys in 2019

  • 16,239
    linear km
    Regional seismic 2D CDPM operations
  • 6,417
    Seismic 3CDPM operations
  • 4,600
    linear km
    Electroprospecting by NTES method
  • 2,460
    linear km
    Electroprospecting by CSAMT method

RosGeo performs a full set of terrestrial geophysical surveys: regional 2D acquisition, 3D seismic exploration for more detailed study of the hydrocarbon potential sites, conducts the small-depth studies, and also applies the entire range of non-seismic methods of for studying the territories. The Holding specialized subsidiaries conduct the terrestrial geophysical surveys of the wells at all stages of the drilling operations.

The geophysical subdivisions are provided with state-of-art sensing seismic instrumentation, seismic waves excitation sources, equipment for drilling and blasting operations, and electroprospecting equipment.

There are over 500 all-terrain vehicles in our fleet, as well as more than 200 units of service lane machinery.

JSC Geosvip, a specialized subsidiary of the Holding is engaged in development, production and maintenance of vibration sources of seismic signals at various transport base, and also produces the impulsive sources of seismic waves for ground geophysics and transit zones.


  • Region
    Siberian Federal District, Katanga District
  • Type
    Terrestrial geophysics
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