Site engineering and preparation

Design development is the initial and most important stage of any geological exploration activities. Competent work a highly skilled team of experts enables to carry out an integrated assessment of the site, develop a methodology for the work performance, obtain a complete set of the necessary permits.

A specific feature of design development for exploration activities at the stage of prospecting of mineral deposits is the dual-stage performance.

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Key projects in 2019

  • 49
    tons of gold
    at Kakadur ore site
  • 138
    thousand tons of lead
    at Moryanikhino ore site
  • 870
    thousand tons of copper
    at Kyzykchadr ore site
  • 4605
    tons of silver
    at Allar-Sakh ore site

Pre-project At the stage of preliminary geological specifications the experts perform the collection and analysis of the available information: identification the maturity degree of the site study by different methods: elaboration of various geological models (geochemical, geophysical, etc.); resolve the organizational issues: obtaining the necessary permits for allocation of the land plots, performance of mining and drilling operations, etc.


Design development of the project documentation, including detailed description of the entire set of activities, the scopes, selected methodology, analysis and assessment of the risk occurrence.


Assessment of gold-bearing zones Main and South in Upper-Khakchan ore field Elaboration of feasibility studies for exploration conditions, estimation of the ore gold deposits by categories C1, C2, Assessment of forecast resources by category P1.

  • Region
    Susumansky district of Magadan region
  • Type
    Assessment of ore gold deposits
  • Year
Project in details

Elaboration of forecast-metallogenic map of the Republic of Sudan

The ultimate goal of the project is the development of a multi-layer package of electronic maps on geology and mineral resources of the Republic of Sudan on different scales (1: 2,500,000 - 1: 50,000)

  • Region
    Republic of Sudan
  • Type
    Elaboration of forecast-metallogenic map of the Republic of Sudan on the scale of 1 : 1000000
  • Year
Project in details

Development of solid commercial minerals resource base in Ahaggar and South-West of Algeria

Promising areas and sites were selected for target surveys and assessment of mineral mineral resources specified in the contract: gold, nickel, cobalt, platinum, chromium, rare metals, rare earth elements, diamonds, precious and semi-precious stones, copper, iron and manganese.

  • Region
  • Type
    Desk-top activities
  • Year
Project in details
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