Partnership programs

As a multi-profile geological exploration of the federal scale RosGeo offers various forms of mutually beneficial partnership in implementation of projects in the field of prospecting and exploration of hydrocarbons and solid commercial minerals.

Strategic partnerships are aimed at creating the added value for customers of RosGeo, such partnerships suggest the transformation of competition in the joint long-term projects in the subsurface exploration.

The key fundamental of the partnerships is the beneficial reciprocity to the parties (win-win effect). In the framework of the partnerships each party makes use of the strongest competencies it possesses to achieve the common, preliminary agreed project objectives.

This approach allows to achieve the maximum effect for each of the partners, while minimizing the costs, as well as involving a number of mining companies and a wide range of minerals into the economy of Russia.

RosGeo develops the partnerships in the key areas as follows:

Partnership optionEffect
Partnerships with mining companies and financial investors in the framework of "junior" projects in development of solid commercial minerals
  • Collaboration in the purposes of transfer of low-level exploration maturity resources into cost-effective stocks;
  • Involvement of extra-budgetary funding sources into geological exploration and surveys of solid commercial minerals;
  • Minimization of the partners’ costs for geological surveys and explorations thanks to the unique competencies of RosGeo;
  • Application of international instruments and principles in implementation of "junior" projects;
  • Establishment of prerequisites for development of public (stock-exchange) market of "junior" projects.
Strategic business partnership in the field of geological exploration and surveys
  • Synergy of competencies, resources and experience in order to provide the complete set of modern geological exploration and survey "turnkey” services at any stage of the field development;
  • Development of efficient production systems for performance of geological explorations and surveys;
  • Expansion of geographical coverage in rendering of geological exploration and survey services;
  • Costs reduction for qualitative and integrated geological explorations and surveys to mining companies.
Partnerships with development funds, regions and industry associations
  • Integrated measures for sectoral development of regions in the field of subsurface management;
  • Growth of GDP and GRP due to the effects of the geological explorations and surveys;
  • Making effective industry decisions in elaboration of geological explorations and surveys within the framework of development of poorly studied areas, including the Arctic shelf.
Innovative companies in the field of digital technology
  • Implementation of joint projects in digitalization of geological explorations and surveys;
  • Delivery of solutions in the field of artificial intelligence, computer facilities, infrastructure, etc.
Technology centers - research institutions, international equipment manufacturers
  • Advancement of promising technologies in the area of geological explorations and surveys;
  • Import substitution of the process equipment.
Educational institutions
  • Training of new qualified personnel for the geological exploration and survey industry.