Geological expertise

Thanks to the huge accumulated base of geological information and possession of high competences in research and development, expert-analytical and consulting activities, RosGeo offers to customers the integrated expert and consulting solutions in a wide range of services on prospecting and exploration of hydrocarbon raw materials in the areas as follows.

Geological design development, assessment of the hydrocarbon and mineral resources
Set of services:
  • Compilation of projects for geological prospecting, exploration and detailed field surveys of oil and deposits (resources);
  • Rendering of consulting services on selection of optimum well locations to search for new deposits/fields of hydrocarbons;
  • Development of the top (bottom) structure maps of the producing layers, thicknesses maps, generalized stratigraphic columns, profiles, diagrams of water/oil, gas/water, gas/oil contacts;
  • Producing layers correlation;
  • Elaboration of three-dimensional geological and hydrodynamic models based on the analysis of the field geological structure, integrated interpretation of geophysical well logging data, 2D/3D seismic survey results, drilled sample analysis results, and history of the productive layers development (software: Roxar (IRAP RMS) and Schlumberger (Petrel);
  • Computation and reassessment of the hydrocarbon geological stocks and associated components; Analysis of changes in assessments of the stocks.
  • Performance of technological and feasibility calculations for substantiation of the ultimate oil recovery factor (recoverable reserves);
  • Defense at the State Committee for Mineral Reserves;
  • Analysis of the allocated and unallocated acreage in the regions in the purposes of selection of the subsurface assets promising in terms of development;
  • Revision of remaining stocks in the deposits with involvement of the data on geological surveys and production;
  • Assessment of the mineral resource stocks (including oil shale, sand, groundwater, etc)
Geological modeling
Set of services
  • Structural modeling of the thrust structures development in 1D and 2D formats;
  • Assessment of dispersed organic matter maturity in complex geological conditions;
  • 2D modeling of oil and gas generation processes in regions specified with complex tectonics;
  • Elaboration of electronic geological models, including structural, lithological, distribution of oil and gas source rocks, and its oil and gas generation potential;
  • Substantiated forecasting of oil and gas potential from the standpoint of organic hydrocarbons origination and petroleum systems analysis;
  • Assessment of the pressure and temperature conditions and dispersed organic matter maturity in 1D, 2D and 3D formats;
  • Elaboration of models for migration and development of prospective oil and gas accumulation areas;
  • Implementation of separate forecasting for oil and gas potential and quality of the hydrocarbon fluids.
Design development of hydrocarbon deposits management

Elaboration of a feasible model for development of hydrocarbon deposits is only possible after creation of a comprehensive database that includes all existing geological and field information.

Set of services:
  • Feasibility study of oil recovery coefficients and assessment of recoverable stocks;
  • Development of design and process documentation for development of the deposits;
  • Development and continuous updating of geological and technological models of the oil fields;
  • Monitoring of the field development, including this on the basis of quantitative analysis of the efficiency of development systems and waterflood operations.
  • Development of a complete documentation package (based on the existing regulatory documents and national standards) ensuring the successful defense of a feasibility study, oil recovery factor, design and technological documents at the State Commission on Mineral Reserves, Central Oil and Gas Field Development Commission, Federal Subsurface Management Agency (Rosnedra).
  • The original computation techniques of RosGeo (JSC CGE) allow to perform all elements of quantification analysis of the development system effectiveness.
  • Its application allows to develop both traditional grid geological and technological models of the fields and flow line model.
Our advantages

The original design development techniques developed by experts of JSC CGE allow to achieve the optimum location of the designed wells in terms of improvement of the oil recovery factor, and its effectiveness has been proven at the example of many successfully completed projects.

Our methods allow to increase the quality of the design development, and designed on its basis software products make it possible to automate the labor-intensive processes of elaboration and adaptation of hydrodynamic models.

  • automatic adaptation software: AutoAdaptPro;
  • Capilar, a software that simulates a modification of the capillary pressure capable to balance the initial oil saturation;
  • ChangeWellPro package is intended for rapid modifications of the well parameters;
  • software for automatic location of the wells and determination of perforation parameters - AddNewWellsPro;
  • ReglProZone is a software for automatic generation of the process routine of tables based on the results of calculations made on the standard simulators;
  • software Economica is developd for automatic generation of the routine economic tables based on the results of calculations produced on the standard simulators.
Geology of oil and gas in Western and Eastern Siberia

In the framework of studies of oil and gas geology in Western and Eastern Siberia, the experts of RosGeo on the basis of a comprehensive analysis of the basic parameters of the geological structure, influencing the development, migration and accumulation of hydrocarbons, provide substantiation of oil and gas potential, petroleum zoning, promising areas of oil and gas accumulation and sites for geological exploration.

Experts and scientists from research cluster of RosGeo conduct fundamental and application research activities in the area of theory and new geological concepts of search for oil and gas fields in the Mesozoic sediments of Siberia.

They perform studies of dependencies in the models of distribution and development of oil, gas condensate deposits; development of methods for forecasting and assessment of hydrocarbon resources in the Phanerozoic sediments of the West Siberian Plain and marginal depressions of the Siberian platform.

Major objectives and research areas:
  • development of methods for forecasting of hydrocarbon deposit locations;
  • assessment of hydrocarbon resources;
  • scientific support to geologic surveys and parametric drilling;
  • elaboration of specialized petroleum geologic maps;
  • drawing up targeted programs for geologic surveys and research and development;
  • substantiation of unallocated acreage licensing;
  • classification, terminology and nomenclature of geological petroleum units;
  • substantiation for indexation of productive strata and seismic level reflectors;
  • backstriping of the sedimentary basins paleogeography on the basis of integration of bio-, litho- and seismic facies techniques;
  • modeling of geomorphology of inland West-Siberian and marginal basins of the Siberian Platform;
  • contouring spatio-temporal ranges for siting of petroleum units;
  • performance of studies on geology and oil and gas potential of the Asian part of Russia (Western Siberia, northern and eastern boundaries of the Siberian Platform, Verkhoyanye, Taimyr Peninsula, Far East), including the continental sections adjacent to the sea shelf.
Geology and oil and gas potential of the Siberian Platform

Experts and scientists from scientific cluster of RosGeo carry out comprehensive studies of oil and gas potential of Siberia, the Siberian platform, in particular, scientific support to geologic surveys, forecasting and assessment of oil and gas potential.

Set of activities:
  • macroscopic and microscopic research of sections in the studied areas in outcrops and drilled samples;
  • dismemberment and correlation of the sections based on the lithology, well sections on the data from geophysical well logging, drilled samples and muddlings;
  • facies analysis of large regions in the Siberian platform and its components;
  • forecasting for reservoirs and basins;
  • modeling of traps and forecasting of deposits are conducted with data generalization and analysis of the entire information range on exploration maturity of the area;
  • assessment of hydrocarbon resources;
  • quantification of initial total resources;
  • development of suggestions regarding the areas of further geological surveys, determination of the goals and objectives for its further setting.
Key scientific and technical products
  • Systems of the Cambrian reefs and stratigraphic model of the Cambrian sediments in Bakhtinian megahorseback (South Tungusska oil and gas area): Moktakon edge reefs (Atdabanian substage) Tanachi-Deltulin reefs edge (top of Lena substage ) Amgin single reefs (Amgin stage).
  • Petroleum zoning of the Siberian platform, province, area.
  • Trap magmatism and its thermal impact on the oil and gas potential.
  • Vendian stratigraphy, substantiaiton of the largest structural and lithologic hydrocarbon traps;
  • Reefs and reflected structures in the productive Osa horizon of the Cambrian era; Reef traps on the outskirts Talakan-Botuoba carbonate platform
  • Cyclostratigraphy of the Vendian and Cambrian deposits in the southern and central regions of the Siberian Platform;
  • Stratigraphic diagrams of the Vendian circuit Cambrian deposits in the interior regions of the Siberian Platform;
  • Catalogs of the well breakdowns in oil and gas drilling areas in the Lena-Tunguska province;
  • Facies maps of the Vendian and Cambrian (by strata) deposits in the South Tungusska province in accordance with the developed technique of quantitative analysis of the material strata composition;
  • Geological criteria for assessment of hydrocarbon resources in the Lena-Tunguska oil and gas province;
  • Substantiation of the largest assets for study at the regional stage of the geologic surveys;
  • Program of parametric drilling on the Siberian platform in 2007-2012;
  • Substantiation of the Riphean age of oil and gas bearing levels at the Kamovsk arch of the Baikit anteclises.