Activities performed
  • Reconnaissance works
  • Collection of geological information
  • Development of the project cost estimate documentation
  • Construction and maintenance of winter roads
  • Mobilization of equipment and material&technical resources
  • Construction of a drilling rig
  • Borehole drilling
  • Well testing and decommissioning
  • Demobilization of the equipment
  • Biological rehabilitation of the site, planting of seedlings
  • Region
    Ural Federal District, Tyumen Region
  • Year
  • Type
    National project, Regional geological prospecting for hydrocarbons
  • Contractor
    • RPC Nedra
      Central federal district
      • 150000, Yaroslavl, Svobody st., 8/38
      • +7 (4852) 72-81-01
      • +7 (4852) 32-84-71
  • Study of geological structure and hydrocarbon potential assessment in Mesozoic sedimentary cover (including Bazhenov- Abalak sediments) and contact area with pre-Jurassic structures in the South-Western part of Lyamino oil and gas district
  • Testing of methods for surveys in potentially productive horizons within Bazhenov field.
To implement the project the drilling rig, equipment, material and technical resources were delivered to the work performance site

Drilling of Bazhenov well No.2 (3202,8 m of total depth) was completed

Thanks to an integrated approach to drilling and use of new state-of-art drilling rig, the well was drilled in the shortest possible time - for less than 5 months. In total, considering the core collection, there was drilled 643,8 m, the intervals of opening of Bazhenov, Abalak, Tyumen suites and pre-Jurassic base were drilled with continuous core sampling

The core samples from the sediments of Bazhenov-Abalak structures were collected into the fiberglass core sampling tubes. The results of the collected material studies demonstrated that the most promising in terms studying the hydrocarbon potential are the sediments of Bazhenov-Abalak structures, layer J2 of of Tyumen suite, and volcanogenic-sedimentary strata of pre-Jurassic basement

The following characteristics were found out in Bazhenov suite sediments: the anomalous enrichment with organic material, rich generation potential, abnormally high saturation of the rocks with free hydrocarbons, availability of carbonate component, hard skeleton, increases heating temperature.

There are some zones specified with microinterbedding in the cross-section, that provides an opportunity to increase the porosity & permeability by means of artificaila cracking induction.


  • Region
    Kabardino-Balkarian Republic
  • Type
    National project, Regional geological prospecting for hydrocarbons
  • Year
  • Contractor
    RPC Nedra
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