RosGeo and ALROSA have signed an agreement on cooperation. The document was signed today in the margins of St. Petersburg International Economic Forum by Sergei Gorkov, the General Director - Chairman of the Board of RosGeo and Sergey Ivsnov, Director General - Chairman of the Board of ALROSA.

The parties agreed to cooperate and coordinate the activities in the purpose of strengthening and development of mutually beneficial relations in implementation of current and future exploration projects, including the geological exploration for diamonds.

The partners intend to establish a joint collective body, Geological and Technical Council of RosGeo and ALROSA.

“The key objective of our collaboration will be the identification of new fields with placer diamond deposits, - said S. Gorkov. – At the first stage we will conduct a comprehensive expert assessment of the most promising offers in the field of geological exploration of the subsurface resources, elaborate the suggestions for geological exploration programs. In addition, we are discussing the prospects of cooperation in the field of implementation of innovative methods in geological exploration and survey".
“Today's signature is of especial importance for us as a mining company - the cooperation between ALROSA and RosGeo will be aimed at improving the geological exploration, elaboration of joint expert opinions on various projects, as well as medium-term and long-term planning in this field. I am confident that our joint efforts will bring the geological exploration to a new level, "- S.Ivanov said .


RosGeo is a Russian multi-disciplinary geological holding that carries out a full range of services related to geological exploration: from regional surveys to parametric drilling and monitoring of subsoil conditions. The holding company boasts a unique expertise, particularly in marine geology and shelf operations.

RosGeo was established following the Decree of the President of the Russian Federation of July 15, 2011, No. 957 on the basis of Tsentrgeologiya, an oldest Russian geological enterprise. Rosgeo is a fully state-owned company.

The enterprises within the Holding company operate in all eight Federal Districts of Russia. A total of more than 1000 fields and deposits have been discovered by the holding’s companies, including major hydrocarbon and solid mineral deposits and fields.

ALROSA is a Russian diamond mining company with public stake-holding. ALROSA was founded in 1992 and today it is the world's largest company in terms of mining of diamonds: ALROSA and its affiliated companies produce 95% of all diamonds in Russia and about 27% of all diamonds in the world. In 2018, the company mined 36,7 million carats of rough diamonds, revenues from diamond sales in 2018 amounted to $ 4,5 billion ALROSA key activities are concentrated in the Republic of Sakha (Yakutia), Arkhangelsk region, and African continent. ALROSA trade and representative offices are located in the main world diamond trading centers: Antwerpen, Ramat-Ghana, Dubai, Hong Kong, New York and Mumbai. The number of ALROSA group employees is about 37 thousand.